How to save your mobile battery for long hours?

It is very important thing to save the battery life of your mobile. Below are few important points by which battery life of mobile can be improved significantly.

  1. By decreasing the brightness of your mobile display you can increase the battery life. If you check your battery usage then you find that screen consumes most of the battery. If you have large screen mobile and you reduce the brightness by 30% to 40%, battery life will definitely improve.
  2. Turning off auto synchronization also helps to increase the battery life. Our mobiles are synchronized with multiple applications like e-mail, facebook, whatsapp etc. And thus the phone continuously keeps on checking these accounts for any updates which affect the battery performance. If your phone has the feature to schedule the sync then set the time interval for sync according to your convenience.
  3. Keeping off your Wi-Fi network will help you in saving battery. WiFi sleep is an important property of android phones which deactivates the adapter while mobile goes in stand-by mode and when it wakes up, it automatically restores the data. Keeping Wi-Fi sleep may affect some of your data sync but will definitely increase the battery life.
  4. Live screen wallpapers give attractive look to your phones but they consume extra battery as compare to simple static wallpaper. So we suggest you to ignore the live wallpaper to save your phone's battery life.
  5. Keep your mobile clean and remove all useless applications. Many a times we install apps then after sometime simply firget to even use them. But those apps do sonsume the battery. So Just keep some of useful applications live and improve the battery life of your phone.
  6. While your Bluetooth and GPS are not in use, keeping them turned off will also help in increasing battery life. Put these features on only when required and turn off as soon as you are done.
  7. When mobile is in poor network area it keeps on looking up for better connection. That time the mobile uses maximum power which causes the battery to go down in a very short period of time. So keep your phone on flight mode while you are in poor network area.
  8. Keeping the mobile on vibrate mode also uses extra battery power, So keep your mobile on ringing mode with volume as low as possible.
  9. 2G network uses low battery as compare to 3G or 4G. So when you are in area where 3G or 4G networks are not avilable or when you don't require high speed internet, keep your mobile on 2G mode. It will save you battery.