Hide your identiy from truecaller !

Truecaller is most popular mobile application, used all over the world.

Sometime back it was difficult to know any detail about the unknown number but today we can identify almost 50% of our unknown callers with the help of this application. Truecaller definitely is a helping hand to know the caller info.

But sometimes by mistake you dial a wrong number and before you feel that its wrong your number has flushed on to the second end. Then he/she can easily search your number on truecaller and use it. So for the privacypurpose, you can hide your identity from truecaller.

Below are the simple steps by which this can be achieved:.

Step 1 : Type http://www.truecaller.com/unlist in your internet browser or you can also click on the link here to directly open the URL. The landing page shows a basic form where you need to provide your mobile number which you want to delete from truecaller's directory. Your mobile number must start with country code.

Step 2 : Next fill in the correct captcha code displayed and click the Unlist button.
This way your mobile number will be removed from truecaller and won't be searchable anymore.